Achieve your ambition without sacrificing your health, sanity or loved ones.

I nourish the health of people who nourish the world.

" Omar is a multi-talented gem. He's taught and helped me grow so much. Whether it was strategy for our non-profit, Medicine Forward, facilitating a small group around the "15 commitments of conscious leadership", introducing me to the power of Internal Family Systems, self-compassion, data-driven life optimization, and more. I can't recommend Omar highly enough"

Dr. Gabe Charbonneau
Family Physician & Co-Founder of Medicine Forward. Passionate Burnout Warrior.

We are a good match if any these apply to you right now:

✊ You are an entrepreneur who feels like Atlas: holding the world on your shoulders. This requires you to sacrifice your needs due to the insane demands of life right now.✊ You try to implement that latest science but you keep falling off your healthy routines and want to bounce back faster with less effort every single time.✊ You can't express anger in a healthy way at work or in relationships and it is weighing you down and impacting how you relate to your loved ones.✊ You fall into certain addictive patterns (binge eating, sugar, alcohol, cocaine, porn, smoking, video games etc) that cause you pain.

We are a match made in coaching heaven if:

❤️ You have explored your psyche using therapy, meditation, psychedelics or other forms of inner work but you find it hard to integrate that into your regular work schedule.❤️ You have a deep need for creativity but not the time to express it and nourish it outside of work.❤️ You collect a lot of information about your health from labs, wearables and a million other apps but you can’t ever see the full picture.


step 1: Build a meaningful VISION


Uncover your needs, and understand which parts of you are blocking optimal health.
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step 2: Create an Antifragile System


The right actions, people, and strategy lead to a new identity that takes you far beyond motivation.
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Step 3: Monitor progress with health data


Once you know where you are going, data becomes a navigator not a dictator.
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I'll build you the right program for the right outcomes at the right price.

Custom Programs range from $1200 - $8000, span from 2 weeks to 6 months and include the following:🙌 Private 1-on-1 deep dives using both in person and on Zoom where I hold space for you and provide guidance on health vision and strategy.📆 Personalized routines and practices optimized to fit your current life. Think of this like a product-market fit but between your habits and your body.🕰️ Self-paced and Unlimited: you're in control of how quickly you want to go through the program based on your schedule.👨🎤 In person group experiences to connect with like-minded professionals and build a resilient actual community that supports you.✅ Habit tracking, accountability and biomarker research.👁 Personal health dashboard to keep you motivated, vigilant, and organized.🪩 Discounted pricing for continued coaching and data support upon completion.

“With Omar’s help I figured another dimension to operate from. His hyper focus on what you say and sharp observations will unlock new insights for you. Omar helped me see that I can operate my business, my relationships — both at work and in my personal life from a place of peace & compassion rather than a place of grinding through stress and conflict.The results I reaped were beyond what I expected. Not only was I able to make much better decisions in life and business, but I am also a lot more grounded in the present moment, in-tune with my inner myself and able to moderate the flood of thoughts running through my head.”

Tarek (A.) Omran
Founder | PhD in Dentistry | Patient Experience Educator | Business & Innovation Storytelling Coach

"Omar is a phenomenal leader in the health space. I have known him for over decade and have seen his dedication to educating and empowering people on mental health awareness. In just a few coaching sessions, he has helped me uncover huge spiritual roadblocks. I believe that having a mental health coach is a journey and not one size fits all. If you are looking for a trustworthy, kind, gentle and experienced coach who will challenge you for the better, thank I highly recommend Omar."

Angela Quach
CEO of The Destiny Lab

"Omar has developed an incredibly powerful coaching practice that has helped me find greater balance in my health and well-being. This is not your typical approach to health coaching.Through his assessment, I was able to focus on the aspects of my life that were out-of-balance and then work with the parts of me that were resisting change through Internal Family Systems therapy. This compassionate approach is what I have found to lead to lasting change."

Mark Guay
Integral Leadership Coach

I am certified in functional medicine coaching and trained in Internal Family Systems.I have a medical degree and a clinical data science background.I'm here to help you navigate your internal world and equip you with effective methods to improve your overall health.Are you ready for a health transformation?

My name is Omar Shaker, and I know firsthand the toll that ambition and high expectations can take on your well-being. After completing my medical internship in Tufts in 2010, I found myself in a sunken depression and burnout.Since then, I've been learning how to bring sanity to an ambitious career as a clinical data analyst and now as a fiction writer.I have a weekly blog every Sunday and a monthly podcast about my journey and what keeps us going through tough times.This offering is a way for me to bring the most effective tools that I have learned by investing my health and education over the past 10 years, to people like you who will make a positive change in the world.

"Being able to have candid, transparent and adult conversations with someone like Omar is a breath of fresh air. Because he's been through the ringer himself he is able to empathise and provide a safe space to explore the inner workings of your brain. The strategy he uses has resonated with me and helped me structure my thinking and my approach to personal and professional growth"

Tamer Azer
Venture Capital Investor

"Omar introduced me to Internal Family Systems (IFS) and served as an exceptional guide throughout my journey. He embodies the qualities of a great coach, demonstrating trustworthiness, professionalism, and immense patience. Omar has a unique ability to help you delve deep into the core of things. I highly recommend him!"

Ryan Considine
Startup Entrepreneur, Physicist, Artist

🤝 I guarantee you as you much support as you need

You are paying for transformation not for a number of sessions.
While most participants usually do one session a week for the duration of the program, you can book me however much you need to get your results.
We all walk at different speeds. Some people want to talk once a month, others want to talk three times a week.
We will connect in person, I will come to your home and help you set it up for success, we will do long sessions of holding space for what is blocking you.
If we are a good fit, things should balance out. With me, you get an all you can eat buffet and I believe that this is how coaching needs to be!
I guarantee working with you in an iterative way that works for you to get the outcomes that you want.
Additionally if you are not satisfied with the method after our first session I will refund you!

This is your chance to build the same resilience you have in your professional life for your health.What are you waiting for?long term health gains await!

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